The Justice S-10 Pedal Steel Guitar



  • 10 String All pull triple raise and triple lower Changer
  • Polished string fingers
  • Brass nut rollers
  • Adjustable return springs
  • Gotoh tuners
  • All Hard rock Maple Cabinet and Neck
  • Aluminum End Plates, legs, Pedal Bar, tuner
  • Adjustable pedals and Knee levers
  • Case Included

Justice S-10

With standard 2 pedals and 1 knee lever …. $995.00

Additional pedals and knee levers $150.00 each

Removable Arm rest and pad $150.00

Additional pedals and knee levers @ $150.000 each

S-10 Standard features 2 Pedals one knee lever

S-10 Pro standard features 3 Pedals and 4 knee levers.  Remove Vertical Knee lever and 4th pedal

Keep Split tuning available $75.00