I am writing this bio on behalf of a dear friend of mine; Fred Justice.

When I heard he was getting ready to launch a new website, I ask if I could have the honor of

writing his bio and he consented.

I first met Fred in 1972. He was already an accomplished musician and hada lot of

musical experience behind him. Fred learned to play piano from listening to a

radio program at the early age of 5 years old. Fred's parents were share croppers at

the time and the land lords would give Fred pennies, nickels, and dimes to get him to

play: "The Old Rugged Cross". Playing piano til the age of 17, he bought a used bass

guitar and taught himself to play it. He then formed one of many bands and sang &

played bass for the next five or six years.

At the age of 23, Fred kept hearing all these steel guitar runs in his head. He gave

in and traded 3 rooms of furniture, a non-running Ford, and a shotgun for his

first pedal steel guitar. He woodshedded that old steel for 8 days and nights. Then

he tried out for a steel job of five nights a week and got the job! Playing local clubs

around Illinois and Indiana, Fred then hit the road with Kenny Hart in 1972. Playing

off and on with Kenny and some real short stints with Lois Johnson, Jay Lee Webb,

and a real short time with Stonewall Jackson; Fred finally settled in Phoenix,

Arizona in 1975.

While raising some great kids and running a business, Fred played all the major

night clubs and some that weren't too major, in the Phoenix area til 1995. In 1996 he

became frustrated with the music night life and concentrated on his trucking business.

2002 came around and some friends of Fred's encouraged him to start playing again.

He did, but this time it was different. He didn't  "have to play", and enjoyed it more.

Fred made a quick and great come back and now plays about 8 steel guitar shows

around the USA on his own: Justice Steel Guitars, which by the way, was designed

and is built by Fred in Mesa, Arizona.

     In 2003 Fred and his lovely wife, Brenda, sold out and moved to Globe, Arizona.

They have recently bought a music store that is now: "Fred's Music". Brenda

helps run the store while Fred gives steel guitar lessons, works the website, and does

a lot of visiting with his friends. The local people love to hear him playing his steel

in the back of the store. In fact, on a recent trip to visit my good friend Fred, I

found a man from across the street, taken in by what he called a pure and beautiful

sound. As he approached the door to step inside and listen, he asked if Fred was a

friend of mine. I said with pride, "Indeed he is.

     But, I don't call him Fred,....I just call him Daddy"...........

Written by a long time admirer:

"Fred's Daughter",

    Salina Justice


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